This website has been put together to share artwork I've made centered around the practice of Aikido. I'm offering these works for sale that they might support my desire to spend more time making art and studying Aikido. All the drawings so far are either charcoal or sumi ink on Arches Lightweight Watercolor Paper and are 11 1/4 x 10 inches in size.

I'm doing commissioned work and can produce artwork of you, your teachers or friends in any body art....Aikido, Dance , Yoga, etc. celebrate recitals, tests, seminars... or just the joy of practice.

I'm also working with others on collaborative ideas. Illustrations for articles/ publications on any body art might be considered. I am most involved in Aikido these days but I've long loved dance and the illustrations I'm doing now grow directly out of drawings I did of my modern dance friends when I lived in Chicago.